There's A Right Way And A Wrong Way...

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Have you ever watched the little plumes of smoke coming from the blown out candles on a birthday cake?  A person with a reasonably good oxygen flow can quickly blow them out with no problem .  This is the most efficient and probably the safestway to eliminate the flame.  Of course the more candles the more energy spent in extinguishing them.  

If you are finger candle snuffer, you might want to consider the fact that the hottest part of a candle flame burns at around 1400°C, while the average temperature is usually 1000°C. Wood fire – A household wood fire burns at around

600°C.  Source:  Wikipedia,  Although it may seem expeditious, this method is clearly not the safest!

Using candle tools are a safe and recommended way to snuff out a candle between uses.  The bell-shaped snuffer quickly extenguishes the flame.  Trimming the candle wick down to 1/4-in. can help you prevent problems like black flames, soot, and flames that are too tall.



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