When you use Simply Emy Organic Pink Himalayan Sea Salt scrub you get a built-in foot massage. The process of having your feet scrubbed with our organic foot scrub offers its own kind of massage that relaxes and relieves sore tired feet by sloughing away and/or softening calluses that can build up on the balls and heels. It can also help reduce dryness.

A foot scrub will help increase blood circulation to your feet and stimulate the flow of oxygen, which will minimize swelling, inflammation, and pain. A foot scrub can also help reduce pain in more sensitive areas of your body. One of the surprising benefits of a foot scrub is you might notice an increase in energy levels and an improved mood. When the circulation is stimulated to our feet, it releases endorphins which will make us feel great!  With Simply Emy Organic Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Scrub you never have to worry about additives.

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Plain or decorated, all nails have one thing in common - cuticles.  Cuticles need daily care to protect them from soaps, and harsh chemicals, and Simply Emy Organic Cuticle Cream will keep them soft and moisturized.  Made from Organic Mango Butter, Organic Avocado Oil, and Organic Beeswax, our cuticle cream will reduce dryness and cracking.  The 2 oz tin includes a bonus application spatula.  $10.00 and includes free shipping.


Gotta a favorite fragrance?  Most likely we can custom scent a candle, wax melt or freshener just for you!

Shoot us an email at simplyemy.net@gmail.com and let us know, and w will try to accommodate you!