Introducing  Simply Emy's 

Not Quite Perfect Organic Candles

There is an old saying," What is beauty? Is it the perception of pleasure to all our senses or is it the aura that emits from something or someone through sheer happiness?  This quote perfectly describes the reason we make amazing candles, that are, "not quite perfect".  Our wicks may not be perfectly centered, but few people buy candles for the wicks.  They buy candles for their scent or throw.  Our organic soy wax candles have an exceptional cold throw  (never lit), and an outstanding hot throw.  They are clean-burning, comes from a renewable source, has a great scent throw, and burn longer.  In fact, they burn 30%-50% longer.

Our candles come in decorative containers that are nestled in black tissue wrap, placed in a gift box with a ribbon tie, and shipped in a reusable kraft box.  So whether you are treating yourself or someone else our candles will provide hours of fragrant light!


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