Ingredients: Scented with blossoming Jasmine flowers, this organic Chinese green tea is pleasantly floral with a fragrant sweetness and vegetal undertones.

FIVE PEAKS GREEN JADE:  Ingredients: This organic green tea is from the renowned Five Peaks Mountain in Shandong province. It has a very smooth character and low astringency. It makes a light-bodied brew with vegetal notes and a lingering sweetness.

DECAF EARL GREY:  Ingredients:

A pleasant organic decaf black tea with citrus notes of bergamot.

ORGANIC JAPANESE SENSHA:  Ingredients: A delicately vegetal green tea with grassy notes. 100% Organic Japanese Sencha.


Before you reach for the medicine cabinet, reach for a cup of herbal tea! Our Organic Allergy Tonic contains natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory ingredients that help prevent allergies and alleviate symptoms. Smooth flavors of rooibos mingle with rich earthy notes of yerba mate. Lemon balm and ginger give this tea a satisfying finish. Contains caffeine

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