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At Simply Emy's we like to keep things simple and eco-friendly because the carbon footprint is very important to us.  Our containers are all recyclable and reusable.  Our labels are made from 100% recycled white paper and we use a very simple ink color combination.  We take great pride in knowing that what is left behind from the use of our products does not contribute to the massive amount of waste found in landfills.

 Simply Emy's Organic Warming Salve

Cold weather, medical conditions and, even medical mysteries can cause cold hands and feet.  Simply Emy's Organic Warming Salve can provide a quick warm-up.  Made from 100% Certified Organic  Avocado oil, our special blend of Certified essential oils, black pepper oil and 100% organic Vitamin E oil is packaged in a handy recyclable tin.  As with all our products, if irritation occurs discontinue use immediately. 


4 ozs $17.00.  Includes shipping and handling

In-store pickup $12.00


 is made from Organic  Avocado oil, and our special blend of Certified essential oils including spearmint, eucalyptus, and Vitamin E oil.  The spearmint provides a cool tingling sensation while the eucalyptus and lemon help open up airways and loosen coughs. It is that good and that safe without the use of any petroleum products like those in the little blue jars.


4 oz   $17.00      

Includes shipping and handling

In-store pickup $12.00

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100% Certified Organic Avocado Oil infused with Certified Organic Comfrey Leaf, Lavender, Calendula flowers, Chamomile Flowers. Rose Hips, Organic Shea Butter, and Beeswax are combined to create an impressive treatment for busy hands.  is a  skin friendly product that soothes the dryness associated with excessive or extreme hand washing.  The healing properties of the herbal bouquet helps heal cuts and scrapes and leaves hands feeling silky smooth and never greasy or tacky.  It is the perfect hand care solution for anyone in healthcare, auto repair, gardeners, plumbers, nail technicians, and daycare providers to name a few.    


4 oz  $17.00  

includes shipping and handling

In-store pickup $12.00



Simply Emy Organic Black Salve

Boils, splinters, thorns, ingrown hairs, and insect stingers are all painful assaults on our skin.  Commercially prepared drawing salves contain parabens and petrolatum.  Simply Emy Organic Black Salve is made from Certified  Organic  Avocado Oil infused with organic comfrey, plantain, and calendula leaves, raw shea butter, Organic activated charcoal, kaolin clay,  Vitamin E, beeswax, organic honey,  and organic lavender essential oil.  


 4 ozs   $19.00   Includes shipping

In-store pickup $15

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