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Microbeads- Making The Case For Organics

Once again microbeads are front and center on the Eco stage and in the news, as their use threatens our fish supply as well as being linked to cancer. These microscopic polymer particles have become a growing topic of concern as they make their way down many a household drain, into local sewer systems and into our great lakes and oceans. The technology used by many filtration plants is not sensitive enough to filter out the little beads which are used as a replacement for the more expensive and occasionally more abrasive ingredients such as pumice, ground pecan and walnut shells, sea salt and various "meals" made from fruit pits.

The post-manufacturing cycle of danger really begins with the sale of a variety of popular facial and body scrubs and peels, shower products, toothpaste. Many of the products sold containing microbeads also contain parabens which are used to prevent fungal and bacterial contamination which can result from the use of water in the manufacturing process. While the visible residue is washed down the drain, some of these ingredients are absorbed through our skins and enter our bodies; sometimes passing through without incident and other times attaching themselves to organs and tissues. That same danger is revisited when we eat the fish that have been impacted by eating the microbeads.

True organic skin care products are made from the bounty of the earth- healthy oils, aloe vera, and organic teas to name a few. They do not contain water or preservatives, parabens or sulfates. They are human friendly and eco-friendly. We only have one skin and one life to live and they both deserve the best and safest products available.


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