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A Word From The Boss

Marketing is one of my jobs here at Simply Emy's and one of my passions. Bringing a new product to market is one of the toughest sells in business because the strategy absolutely has to include an educational journey to get you, my potential customers to realize the value of our products, and to take a giant leap of faith and purchase them. I have to take you out of your oftentimes multi-generational comfort zones (it was good enough for my grandmother and my mother…) and down a new path of enlightenment that includes perhaps safer and healthier way of doing things like taking care of the only body you will ever have. That means asking you, John and Jane Q. Public to part with a portion of your financial resources and to trust that what I am saying is the truth and that our products live up to all the hype, all the while trying not to come off like a new age snake oil salesperson.

Once upon a time all sorts of dangerous syrups, tinctures and the like were touted to be the panacea for everything from acne to liver failure and even appendicitis were sold out of wagons by traveling snake oil salesmen. Some of these items were even available at the local mercantile and pharmacy. A considerable number of these “cures” killed more people than healed them. Once discovered as a charlatan, the salesman simply packed up and moved on, but the danger on shelves remained long after his departure.

Here at Simply Emy’s our mission is to improve the quality of the life of your skin and more. We use pure oils and organics from a variety of companies whose products have been certified by globally recognized agencies including the USDA. We want our products to be welcomed in your communities and for you to become a part of our family of satisfied customers. I know how important first impressions are and I will strive to always make your first impression of our products a positive and lasting one.


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