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Why Our Products Are Petroleum Free

Old habits die hard. For over two hundred years literally thousands of products have been introduced to society- some helpful at first, and later found to be harmful. Sales of these products were drive by word of mouth or a specific need. There will always be a need for products with healing properties, and ingredients that make us feel good in our own skins. For many years petroleum based products have filled that need. When it comes to the health and wellbeing of the body’s largest organ-the skin, there are key points from skin health expert, Spirit Demerson to keep in mind:

•Because petroleum jelly forms a seal over the skin, it disrupts the body’s process of elimination of toxins through the pores, potentially trapping them under the skin.

•It slows cellular regeneration, which can damage collagen, elastic and connective tissue, and contributes to the appearance of aging.

•It is water repellent and not water-soluble, making it difficult to cleanse from the skin.

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